for spreading the word, sharing the content and evaluating! 
The Official MoneyRebel Bounty Program 
1,000,000 MRP tokens for the community
What is the job to be done and what are the rewards?
We ask you to spread the word around your community; just choose the social channel and a way to spread it as you feel comfortable with. You can write posts, share ours and personalize it, you can write blogs, shoot videos or even organize a meetup.
Beta Testing Bounty
We want to reward our ambassadors who help us spread the word and valuable content about MoneyRebel and what we stand for. You will be asked to produce content, give your point of view, comment and share among your friends on social network.
We want to reward our testers who help us make the MoneyRebel beta platform even more user friendly; one might even say 'user best-friendly'. You are asked to provide qualitative feedback on design, user experience and functionalities.
Ambassador Bounty
When ? 
From April 3rd 2018 till May 3rd 2018.
Fill the report form HERE.

A bounty pot of 700,000 MRP tokens 
An ambassador can earn up to … who knows!
An ICO Priority pass for the most engaged

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Beta Testing Bounty HERE.
Available spots:
Spots not available anymore: 
A bounty pot of 300,000 MRP tokens 
Up to 800 + 10,000 MRP tokens per tester
An ICO Priority pass for the most engaged

Entrance to crypto powered by AI and a marketplace of advisors
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